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Information on Golden Beach Real Estate: Location, Residents, and Sales Price

September 13, 2012

Golden Beach real estate options have easily become one of the prime choices being made by wealthy property buyers from all around the world. If you happen to be one of the many individuals who wishes to find the best deals on the Miami real estate market, it certainly helps to know more about Golden Beach, especially in the event that you should find yourself feeling more inclined to choose options within the high-class town community.

Physical Location

One of the first things that stand out the most about the town of Golden Beach is the fact that it is a high-class town community that is situated upon an oceanfront setting which is exactly what many of today’s wealthy property buyers are looking to find on the Miami real estate market.

The town itself is located on a barrier island which sits in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway which provides one of the most awe-inspiring views that the region has to offer.

The main road running through the town community is State Road A1A.

Neighboring cities include Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, and Hallandale Beach. Such close proximity to other excellent cities makes it possible for Golden Beach residents to experience and engage in a myriad of activities and events which are known to take place within the aforementioned cities.

Famous Residents

Speaking of residents, the town has been known to have several famous residents that have come to find the selection of Golden Beach real estate options to be absolutely perfect for their own personal needs, especially since they tend to have higher needs and expectations when it comes to the lives that they lead.

Bill Gates, Benjamin Rose, Ricky Martin, and Paul Newman are among the famous residents that have been known to live within the town of Golden Beach. Of course, there are many successful and wealthy individuals who have come to choose the town as their own ideal home setting.

Needless to say, the residents of the upscale community are definitely above average which is always a plus when considering real estate options since knowing that the people that make up the community are well-educated individuals who understand the importance of being able to maintain the market value of options within the area can prove to be beneficial, most especially in the long run.

Golden Beach Real Estate

If you are looking for luxury homes that will provide you with every luxury possible within an oceanfront location in Miami, the selection of Golden Beach

real estate options on today’s property market will surely offer you exactly what you need.

According to recent data, the median sales price for Golden Beach homes is $3,671,101.

Nevertheless, property prices are found to be in a relatively broad spectrum as

an 8-bedroom home within the town community can cost as much as $11.77 million while a $3-bedroom home can cost as much as $2.1 million.

If you would like to find out more specific information on the selection of options that are currently available on the Golden Beach real estate
 market, or if you are looking to learn more about the town community itself, you should get in touch with an agent for more details.

Yaz Morgan