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Marble Tiles as the Perfect Material

October 6, 2012

Marble is considered to be one of the most elegant stones. It has serves the mankind since long time ago. The Ancient and European civilizations have used a lot of marble for their constructions. Marble tiles are used in creating sculptures, outdoor garden tables, floor tiles, sinks and countertops. It is a softer variety of stone which makes it easy to carve and cut into desired shapes and designs.

marble tiles

marble tiles

In order to give a magnificent and classy look to their designs, home builders use marble tiles and slabs. Even during the early civilizations, the use of these tiles for flooring has always stood out as the best and most fashionable option.

Marble tiles are very versatile and functional material that it can be sued for all construction purposes. These tiles are most popular in the hallway, kitchen countertops, bathroom and fireplace or even in the garden. The natural beauty and smoothness of these tiles make it look a masterpiece. Marble is formed and crystallized through metamorphism and is a result of the combination of various elements of rock like sundry material and fossil which went through high degree of heat and pressure. The process imparts a wonderful texture and design to marble. These tiles are commonly and highly used in architecture and sculpture because of its aesthetic appeal.

There are various kinds of marble tiles that are being used in residential and commercial applications. It can also be utilized in flooring, countertops, wall cover, fireplaces and exterior facades. The most common uses of marble for residential purposes are for window sills, fireplaces, decorative foyers and bathroom floors. You can also use it in the bathroom with the wall covers, tub decks and showers.

The natural beauty of marble tiles is not only suitable for houses but they are also accepted at offices, churches, schools and other establishments. These tiles are can be also utilized in amusement and theme parks. The use of these tiles in the office can add touch of elegance that ceramic, wood, or metal can never match. These tiles are also relatively easy to clean with relatively less maintenance. And because they are hard, it will not break, crack, get dented or chipped off easily. But the downside of these tiles is the installation. Keep in mind that installation of these tiles is not easy. It is important to hire a professional installer in order to properly install them.

Now there is a new type of marble tiles that has been introduced in the market and it is known as tumbled market. It is processed for a polished look. The process involves tumbling the tiles with sand inside a large drum. After some time, the corners of the tiles would become rou8nded and the edges slightly chipped, resulting in a quite worn, antiqued appearance.

Ella Ayson