June arrives with discounts of 21% for home buyers

Home buyers are submitting bids to the downward price fixing output owners up to 21%, as they are still far from marking budget. “These negotiation situations normally occur in the field, when households have a price above the market price” asserts Gandarias Manuel, director of the Research Unit of pisos.com. Also, when the sale date marked by the owner has not been achieved, then decided to resort to negotiation on the price to sell your property, always within the parameters of the market price.

However, the housing stock is still stagnant, despite the price adjustments due to other factors such as job losses or mortgage stiffness. “Despite aggressive offers from banks in recent months with reductions in the interest rate and increased mortgage lending, sales figures are still far from the levels achieved in 2007,” said Manuel.

While from 2009 to 2011 user looking for a house of 90 square meters and 142,000 euros on average in both 2012 and 2013 cut its budget to 127,500 euros, 10%, keeping the surface.

The request for reduction in price which closed in June 2014 by 21%, two percentage points lower than in December 2013 (23%), as reported by Idealista.com.

Girona is the province where buyers asked for a bigger discount on the price, up to 26%, followed by Badajoz (-25.5%), Lleida (-25.2%), Tarragona (-24%) and La Rioja (-23.6%).

In Barcelona and Madrid are the places where supply and demand are close to 20.6% and 20.1% respectively.

Location of the rental market

The rental market in Spain for its part, remains stable. The price has dropped less than half compared to the selling price. “We are far from reaching levels set by Europe, around 30%, where the rent is encouraged rather than buying yet” stresses Michael Gandarias.

The new measures adopted by Fomento to encourage rental housing, aims to enhance access to housing for all those with financial problems.

Also, renting is a way to monetize the house by the owner.

Advice for Sellers

Get sell the house as quickly as possible is easier if some tips are attended, according idealista.com eg
• Put an attractive and according to other houses for sale in the area with similar characteristics and price.
• Conduct a competitive analysis of the market to set the starting price of the property.
• Respond quickly to calls and messages so not to lose the opportunity to sell
• Provide maximum flexibility in visiting hours at home
• Harnessing the flip rent. The adoption of the new rent subsidies a more profitable housing.
• Using the circle of trust, as the friends of our friends may be interested.
• Drawing on real estate portals to give visibility to our properties.
• Be optimistic, since the objective always achieved.


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