Rousseff announces new phase of housing construction plan

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, announced today the start of the third stage of a public housing plan, which will aim to build three million new homes from 2015.

“Our goal is to make clear that it is possible to build three million new homes, because what is going well, should continue,” Rousseff said in a public meeting in Brasilia, told Efe.

Rousseff’s mandate will end on January 1, although the president aspires to be re-elected for a new four-year term in the elections to be held on October 5.

In recent days, similar announcements made ​​today, involving plans for the coming years, have generated strong criticism from the opposition, which has branded the “election”.

In all cases, in announcing these new plans, Rousseff said that “what is going well, should continue,” a phrase that appears in all advertisements of the Workers Party (PT), which presidential candidate is.

Using the My House, My Life, the third stage was announced today, and have been built one million homes in the first phase and the second, still running, delivering 1.75 million is proposed residences until December next .

The program helps families with incomes of less than 5,000 reais a month (about $ 2,270) and offers prices and rates lower than the housing market, with state loans at preferential interest.


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