The private housing market in the first quarter moved up 55% from a year ago

Maybe it did not come out of the tunnel, but the private housing market improves. In the first quarter of 2014 it moved to 55% from a year ago. Specifically, the property market moved to March 10386.5 million.

According to the Ministry of Development, the amount that moves the private housing market started 2014 in positive after scoring three consecutive years of decline. The data must be analyzed carefully because the first quarter of 2013 was particularly affected by the end of the tax relief on purchase of residence and the increase in VAT.

The 10386.5 million euros correspond to the 77,271 private housing transactions that were made between January and March (49% more than the year before). Specifically, free housing resale mobilized 8648.3 million (up 62%), while the amount in the new work was much lower, with 7682.3 million (+ 27%).

The region where the largest amount recorded in private housing transactions in the first three months of the year was Madrid, with 2,106.6 million euros. Behind stood Catalonia (1,890.9 million), Andalucía (1851.6 million) and Valencia (1,194 million).

Below are the Basque Country (485.7), Canary Islands (469 900 000), Baleares (443.7), Castilla y León (346.3), Galicia (313.6), Castilla-La Mancha (278) , Murcia (248.2) and Aragon (220.2). Meanwhile, the regions in which the private housing sector were moved less money Asturias (125.5 million), Cantabria (110.7), Extremadura (107.3), Navarra (98.2), La Rioja (65 , 4) and Ceuta and Melilla (30 between the two).


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