Down in February the price of housing in the U.S.

The housing prices increased in February in the United States with respect to the steady pace of a year ago, indicating that the limited supply of available homes has gone up prices despite a drop in sales.

Analytic real estate firm CoreLogic said Tuesday that existing home prices rose 12.2% in February compared to a year ago. In January, up 12%.

On a monthly basis, prices advanced 0.8 February% from January. However, the list of CoreLogic month is not adjusted for seasonal factors such as winter weather, which may adversely affect sales.

Snowstorms, higher prices and higher mortgage rates sales fell in February to its lowest level in 19 months.

Urged decreased supply prices despite a decline in sales, which fell 0.4% in February to a seasonally adjusted figure for the annual figure of 4.6 million compared to January, according to the National Association of Realtors. The pace of sales could end up with homes offered at 5.2 months, said the association; the inventory figure is less than six months out sound economies.

The states with the highest price increases in the last year were California, 19.8%; Nevada, 18.5%, and Georgia, 14.2%. No state decreased its prices.

Prices in four states reached their highest level in February: Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota and Texas. Other states are 22 to 10 points from their previous peaks, CoreLogic said.

Nationally, the average house price is still lower by 16.9% through April 2006, at the height of the bubble brick.

And home construction fell for the third consecutive month in February. However, there are hopeful signs: Builders requested more building permits in the past four months.


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