Selling more homes in Texas

The border state of Texas exceeded the U.S. average growth in average household income and sales of new homes in 2013 , according to the Report on Buyers and Sellers of Texas 2014 , published by the Association of Realtors Texas .

” The Report of Buyers and Sellers of Texas this year is showing the impact of the strong housing market in recent years and the economic growth of buyers and sellers in Texas. Households are earning more income and the development of new housing continues to play an increasingly important role in meeting increased demand for housing in our state paper , “said Dan Hatfield, president of the Association of Realtors Texas.

According to the report , the average family income of homebuyers Texas increased 9.6% to $ 91.700 U.S. dollars , 2012 to 2013. This is almost double the increase in the median household income among buyers of U.S. housing , which rose 5.6 % to $ 83.300 U.S. dollars during the same period.

Increases in median household income were significant , increasing 9.3 % annually, to $ 67.800 , for first-time buyers , and the 4.9 % annual $ 107.100 for repeat buyers in 2013.

Nationally, these figures increased 8.3 % to $ 67.400 U.S. dollars for first-time homebuyers and 3 % to $ 96,000 non- first time home buyers .

Moreover , 30% of all homes purchased in 2013 were Texas new homes, an increase of 4 % from 2012 and nearly double the proportion of new housing in the United States during the same period. Nationally, the proportion of new home sales remained constant at 16% of all homes purchased in the United States in 2013.

With lending standards remaining signatures and rising housing prices in 2013 , the highest proportion of home buyers continued to married couples.

In Texas, the number of married home buyers increased from 69 % to 71 % in 2012-2013 , compared with an increase of 65 % to 66 % nationally . This is the highest percentage for married couples since 2001.

The Association of Realtors Texas recently partnered with the Texas State Affordable Housing to help promote education for homebuyers as an important help Texans prepare for buying your first house step.

The percentage of first-time buyers in Texas decreased by 2 % to 33 % of all homebuyers Texas, in 2013. Nationally, the percentage of first-time buyers declined 1 % to 33 % of all home buyers in the U.S., in 2013.

In 2013 , the average age of Texas buyer was 43 years old, while the average first-time buyer was 31 and the comparison with 50 years experience .

The tenure of owning a house in Texas declined year to 8 years, in 2013, but remained unchanged at 9 years nationwide.

94% of Texans sold his house with a real estate agent in Texas in 2013 , compared with 91 % nationally .

The sales price averaged owner $ 153.500 U.S. dollars , far less than the $ 200,000 average sales concretized through a real estate agent in Texas.


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