“Club Miami,” a new issue made ​​in Belgium

Club RTL takes viewers in Miami with a new news magazine which will address in particular the Belgians and the French settled there .

Every Sunday for 10 weeks and direction Miami Club RTL ! A new issue made ​​in Belgium ” Club Miami ” made ​​its debut on the private channel . At the helm of this new news magazine , Gregory Goethals . “I made a trip to Miami two years ago and I discovered that there was a lot to shoot . It is a city which is more often used as a backdrop for series or reality TV , “says the journalist. “The advantage of Miami compared to other cities in the U.S. or in the world, there is beautiful all year round. It has a tropical climate that allows us to film shows on the same beach in December . ” Besides the mild weather , the city also has many Belgians and French who settled there. “There are more than 15,000 French speakers living in Miami and the surrounding region . Many Belgians, French try their luck on site in sectors like real estate, the world of the night or tourism . “

Grégory Goethals and his team , this was an opportunity to portray these Francophones Miami but also to show all the places that revelers . “We followed eg Belgian students who spend several weeks in Miami to perfect their English. They are also following in the evenings. It also shows that French businesses have somewhat special as a private detective . “

” Private detective , a profession at risk” is also part of the summary of the first show on Sunday. ” Club Miami ” also go to meet Lea Kiss , a former French singer , who runs a modeling agency .

It is now a year since Gregory Goethals and his team turned up reports on RTL , but also for other channels abroad. So far , only 10 numbers Club Miami are provided . “But we are working on other projects emissions on site , not only for the French market but also for other TVs . So we hope to offer suites in the first draft . “


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