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Real Estate Market Picks

March 31, 2014

Sales of new homes in U.S. in June had its best month in the last five years, according to data released Wednesday by the Commerce Department.

The numbers indicate that sales of single-family homes increased 8.3 percent the month after rising just 1.3 percent in May .

This is the third consecutive month of momentum in the housing market and a result which represents 38.1 percent increase compared to June 2012 , the highest in over 20 years .

Instead it was feared that a slight increase in mortgage interest rates and a decrease in the sale of old houses in June depress rather than stimulate the housing market .

Hopes that the economy take best course in the third quarter have revived after figures reflecting an acceleration in manufacturing activity also spread .

In a way the real estate market is underpinning the manufacturing sector, injured by falling demand and drastic tax cuts applied to the federal budget.


Property prices in Greater Boston is up 8.4%

March 29, 2014

A new survey shows that home values ​​in the greater Boston area rose 8.4 percent in July compared to a base year to year.

According to the survey of Zillow Inc., a Seattle company that operates a large real estate web site , this climb is placed above the national increase of 6 percent over the same period.

The value of housing in several local communities, including Arlington, Boston, Brookline and Cambridge, have exceeded their previous highs , Zillow said. In other words , households in these areas have the highest value in its history.

In a statement in the press release from the company, Zillow chief economist Stan Humphries said of on the broad national trends.

“After three consecutive months of annual appreciation of housing values ​​above 5 percent , the recovery of the U.S. housing market been shown to be in very solid condition, ” Humphries said.

“We have entered a new phase of recovery , which we can begin to move away from the ugly recent history and go back to what the housing market will be in the future and how it will act.”

Does it return to being overheated real estate market?

March 27, 2014

Nordea experts believe that the fear of a new price bubble in the housing markets of Germany, China and the United States is unfounded. But you have to monitor …

The recovery in housing prices in many markets , not just the U.S. , has rekindled the interest of investors in this asset class in recent months , so much so that some voices are beginning to warn of overheating price . However, the initial conclusion of Jan von Gerich , expert Nordea Investment Funds , is that ” in general one should not be concerned at least until large bubbles forming prices look again.”

But it is impossible not to worry. The analyst notes that the Bundesbank has recently warned that housing prices in major cities in Germany could be overvalued by up to 20 %. However, the bank said it still does not pose a significant risk to the macroeconomic performance of the economy , concluding that the entire German market is developing in line with revenues .

The situation is different in China. According to the data provided from Nordea , housing prices have risen in 69 of 70 major cities. The biggest annual rally has been in Shenzhen and Guangzhou , 20% . ” The high growth numbers will put more pressure on the government to impose new measures to cool the market , which in turn could reach new fears that China will slow ,” says Von Gerich .

United States, where the recovery of this sector is key to the recovery of consumption through the ” wealth effect ” , published data for the September show a drop in home sales in line with the market consensus , while prices have increased by 11.7 % annual rate . ” Higher prices and rising mortgage rates have pushed the standard of living, by measuring the ability of an average family to apply for a mortgage , sharply lower average home, while the index remains at historically high levels,” explains the expert, but otherwise qualifies the falling purchasing power should limit the rise in prices .

In this context, the expert considers key to predicting the evolution of the U.S. housing market in the short term results of the latest data on job creation in the country, which were lower than expected by the market ( 148,000 jobs versus 180,000 expected ) . ” After all , if the data show that the labor market was already losing momentum in September , even before the government shutdown and the debacle of the debt ceiling , likely expectations for the October figure lower yourself even more.”

Continues to thicken housing bubble in the U.S.

March 22, 2014

Millions of people in America are still paying the price of the housing bubble. Families left jobless and homeless now face an unaffordable housing market, thousands living on the streets.

The effects of the “housing bubble” that triggered the economic crisis of 2007 are still being felt in vast sectors of the population. The combination of cost of living, low-wage jobs and high unemployment rates only exacerbate these problems and force Americans to choose between food, shelter and countless other expenses.

Organizations and activists gather hundreds of people affected by housing problems, to send a message to the government of the city.

Despite the good intentions of activism, this problem does not seem to have a short-term solution. The lack of jobs and high housing costs have made ​​many people lose hope of having your own roof.

Selling more homes in Texas

March 21, 2014

The border state of Texas exceeded the U.S. average growth in average household income and sales of new homes in 2013 , according to the Report on Buyers and Sellers of Texas 2014 , published by the Association of Realtors Texas .

” The Report of Buyers and Sellers of Texas this year is showing the impact of the strong housing market in recent years and the economic growth of buyers and sellers in Texas. Households are earning more income and the development of new housing continues to play an increasingly important role in meeting increased demand for housing in our state paper , “said Dan Hatfield, president of the Association of Realtors Texas.

According to the report , the average family income of homebuyers Texas increased 9.6% to $ 91.700 U.S. dollars , 2012 to 2013. This is almost double the increase in the median household income among buyers of U.S. housing , which rose 5.6 % to $ 83.300 U.S. dollars during the same period.

Increases in median household income were significant , increasing 9.3 % annually, to $ 67.800 , for first-time buyers , and the 4.9 % annual $ 107.100 for repeat buyers in 2013.

Nationally, these figures increased 8.3 % to $ 67.400 U.S. dollars for first-time homebuyers and 3 % to $ 96,000 non- first time home buyers .

Moreover , 30% of all homes purchased in 2013 were Texas new homes, an increase of 4 % from 2012 and nearly double the proportion of new housing in the United States during the same period. Nationally, the proportion of new home sales remained constant at 16% of all homes purchased in the United States in 2013.

With lending standards remaining signatures and rising housing prices in 2013 , the highest proportion of home buyers continued to married couples.

In Texas, the number of married home buyers increased from 69 % to 71 % in 2012-2013 , compared with an increase of 65 % to 66 % nationally . This is the highest percentage for married couples since 2001.

The Association of Realtors Texas recently partnered with the Texas State Affordable Housing to help promote education for homebuyers as an important help Texans prepare for buying your first house step.

The percentage of first-time buyers in Texas decreased by 2 % to 33 % of all homebuyers Texas, in 2013. Nationally, the percentage of first-time buyers declined 1 % to 33 % of all home buyers in the U.S., in 2013.

In 2013 , the average age of Texas buyer was 43 years old, while the average first-time buyer was 31 and the comparison with 50 years experience .

The tenure of owning a house in Texas declined year to 8 years, in 2013, but remained unchanged at 9 years nationwide.

94% of Texans sold his house with a real estate agent in Texas in 2013 , compared with 91 % nationally .

The sales price averaged owner $ 153.500 U.S. dollars , far less than the $ 200,000 average sales concretized through a real estate agent in Texas.

Miami, shopping paradise on earth for shopaholics

March 12, 2014

As we approach the Shop Miami Month ( 1 to March 31, 2014 ) , shopping centers and shops become the paradise for shopaholics . Hundreds of high fashion boutiques, and designer outlet stores found in France offer unprecedented deals . Each year, the city attracts many international buyers. In 2012, the French spent $ 411 per day per person ( 2.7 %).

outdoor shops
Facing the PortMiami after a shopping time at Bayside Marketplace , buyers can embark on a cruise or visit the houses on the island celebrities. Just a few steps from Biscayne Bay, CocoWalk littering the artistic streets of Coconut Grove. The 74,322 m² Dream Village of Merrick Park hosts the famous Elemis Day Spa and more than 100 shops boutiques and restaurants in Coral Gables. The Falls is one of the largest open-air markets of the United States dotted with lagoons , wooden walkways and lush tropical vegetation.

Consisting of 240 stores , Dolphin Mall is the largest mall in Miami with 3 zones reflecting the multicultural heritage of Miami. Aventura Mall in second position was elected in 2011, the most visited in the United States with 28 million visitors by the magazine Travel + Leisure Mall. More traditional , Dadeland Mall is a landmark destination for avid shoppers with 185 new stores. Among the oldest , Bal Harbour Shops open since 1965 houses exclusive haute couture boutiques with a collection that would be difficult to find outside of Paris , Milan or New York.

shopping streets
South Beach meets the most famous shopping streets of Miami . Stores in the pedestrian area of ​​Lincoln Road dubbed the ” Fifth Avenue of the South ” incite a ride safely while Española Way brings together leading brands , art galleries and restaurants in the middle of a historic Spanish town . Popular streets like Washington Avenue gather stores that centerpieces ready- to-wear . Miami regorges cosmopolitan boutiques especially Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive known as the capital connected with their mode sessions every corner .

French Touch
On Collins Avenue , The Webster is the ultra luxurious boutique multi . An area of ​​1,858 m² is allocated in an Art Deco building designed in 1939 by architect Henry Hohauser in Miami Beach. In a vintage spirit, Lilibon boutique in Miami Beach draws pin- ups of the 1940s for the creation of its swimwear sensual and original design.

“Club Miami,” a new issue made ​​in Belgium

March 8, 2014

Club RTL takes viewers in Miami with a new news magazine which will address in particular the Belgians and the French settled there .

Every Sunday for 10 weeks and direction Miami Club RTL ! A new issue made ​​in Belgium ” Club Miami ” made ​​its debut on the private channel . At the helm of this new news magazine , Gregory Goethals . “I made a trip to Miami two years ago and I discovered that there was a lot to shoot . It is a city which is more often used as a backdrop for series or reality TV , “says the journalist. “The advantage of Miami compared to other cities in the U.S. or in the world, there is beautiful all year round. It has a tropical climate that allows us to film shows on the same beach in December . ” Besides the mild weather , the city also has many Belgians and French who settled there. “There are more than 15,000 French speakers living in Miami and the surrounding region . Many Belgians, French try their luck on site in sectors like real estate, the world of the night or tourism . “

Grégory Goethals and his team , this was an opportunity to portray these Francophones Miami but also to show all the places that revelers . “We followed eg Belgian students who spend several weeks in Miami to perfect their English. They are also following in the evenings. It also shows that French businesses have somewhat special as a private detective . “

” Private detective , a profession at risk” is also part of the summary of the first show on Sunday. ” Club Miami ” also go to meet Lea Kiss , a former French singer , who runs a modeling agency .

It is now a year since Gregory Goethals and his team turned up reports on RTL , but also for other channels abroad. So far , only 10 numbers Club Miami are provided . “But we are working on other projects emissions on site , not only for the French market but also for other TVs . So we hope to offer suites in the first draft . “