In Florida, the undersigned , in the European sense of the term, does not exist. These are law offices specialized in real estate law who write the deeds of sale .

Beware of false friends as Florida, a ” Notary ” is a sworn person authentifiie signatures .

There are no registration fees in Florida. For a purchase of $ 200,000 , you will pay about 1% of the purchase price . These include 1% lawyer’s fees and provides more assurance of your title, “Title Insurance” . It applies regardless of the price of the goods purchased.

Compared to France or even purchase would cost you 7.15% , it is really cheap!

After having signed a purchase offer on a property and paid a deposit , which will go on the blocked account to your lawyer, you will have 15 days to inspect the property by a licensed inspector of your choice. Then , whatever the result of the inspection , you can declare in writing that the inspection results do not satisfy you and cancel your bid.
Your lawyer will then refund you your deposit .

If , after reviewing the inspection report , you decide to buy, you can sign the final deed of sale very quickly , to the extent that you do not take a mortgage because it will then adapt to within the bank.

In addition, if you use a loan, you will have a tax of 0.55% payable on the amount borrowed plus the fees charged by the bank.


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