Guide To The Most Luxurious Areas In Miami Beach

The city of Miami Beach, Florida’s popular picture-postcard winter playground has grown into a modern, sophisticated city that is an all-year tourist vacation haven.

Miami Beach offers tourists more than just fantasy Art Deco buildings, it is also filled with diverse cultural institutions, stunning public beaches and specialty shops and shopping areas that put a unique flavor to Miami Beach shopping. The city trendy charms revolve around its cuisine, sizzling nightspots and cultural scene.

A Year-Round Tropical Climate Is Tops With Tourists

Miami Beach considers itself blessed with a year-round mild climate and unparalleled ocean and beach access. For visitors seeking an active vacation, they can choose to spend time at some of the city’s top golf, tennis and sporting facilities. The beautiful waters along the city’s waterfront and beaches will be sure to please any boating enthusiast, sport fishing lover, adventurous diver and generally any water lover.

Miami’s lure is popular to almost all age groups. Other areas of interest in the city include the wealth of beaches that can be enjoyed by everyone, as well as the healthy sprinkling of shops, cafes and restaurants along Ocean Drive and other areas.

The Art Deco District

The city’s famous Art Deco National Historic District is located at the southern end of the city. These psychedelic, flamboyantly colored buildings defined an era when Miami Beach was known as the “tropical playground.” This area is comprised of a few dozen Miami Beach downtown hotels and apartment buildings constructed primarily in the 1930s. The focal point of the district is the strip of hotels located along Ocean Drive between 5th and 15th Street.

North Beach And Central Miami Beach

The many attractions of Miami Beach caters to various tastes and preferences. The city’s North Beach section has shaded areas courtesy of the numerous palm trees that align its path. This section of the beach is close to sidewalk restaurants and cafes. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented at this area and shower facilities are provided.

The Central section of Miami Beach is well-liked by joggers and has a raised boardwalk over the sand dunes which make it easier to navigate. Miami Beach South is the place for people watching and has plentiful sidewalk cafes. No matter which part you visit, you’ll love this city and enjoy staying at an assorted array of hotels, apartments and condo units. Miami Beach is also home to some unique architecture.

The City Is A Diverse Cultural Melting Pot

In addition to Miami Beach attractions such as beaches and architecture, the culture is also evident with the numerous types of ethnic cuisine and many museums. If you’re enamored by hearty servings of diverse Latin cuisine, then you could say this city is your kind of town. Restaurants and food shops which feature food from Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Central America delight the millions of visitors to this lovely place each year, as evidenced by the number of appearances in visitor guides found throughout the world.

In addition to its cuisine, the city also has an array of excellent educational venues to enlighten many travels. Those visiting the Miami Beach area should also try dropping by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. This famous museum hosts a permanent gallery and a special gallery with several changing exhibitions each year.

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